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How to Use Structured Data in Marketing

According to Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 86% marketers use content marketing, but not all believe that it is effective. You might be asking yourself, “How can I use structured data in my marketing?”

Structured data is simple to understand and easy to use!

Google declared that structured data-rich sites would be prioritized in its search algorithm over those without. What is structured data and how can it benefit your business? Let me explain.


What is Structured Data?

Search engines can use structured data to better understand and rank your content. Structured data can increase the likelihood of your website appearing in search results, and make it appear higher in them.

Although it’s only a small tweak, this is a crucial step in your marketing strategy. You must also think about the value of what your business has to offer customers. Unfortunately, search engines are not as adept at understanding context as we are. Search engines need as much information as possible, so make sure you give them everything they need.

Structured data, in addition to its SEO benefits, can help screen readers and other assistive technologies get more from your site by helping them understand the contents better.

Here are some ways you can use this data to improve your online visibility and B2B marketing.

Greater visibility

Google will index your content more easily if you use structured data. This will give you more visibility for relevant keywords and phrases. These are two key SEO ranking factors.

You don’t need a website right now, but it is a great opportunity to start using structured information. Structured data will help you get your website noticed more quickly than the rest.

Improved Customer Experience

Structured data can help you create a better customer experience. You can add search-friendly markup to make it easier for customers to find the right products on ecommerce sites. These improvements make it easier for customers to navigate online stores and make purchases, which leads to increased sales. Search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Google and Google will be able to recognize your content as being more relevant, increasing its ranking in search results.

You can also use the question schema to locate FAQs on your site and provide answers in the search results. This is a great way to get information to your clients as quickly as possible.

Easier B2B Marketing

Structured data has the advantage of making it easier for search engines understand and to read your content.

Google also offers higher search rankings for web pages that have well-structured data markup. This can increase traffic and provide more conversion opportunities.

This is so cool! Not only will you be included in rich snippets results, which can increase click-through rates, but your site will also rank on the same level as other high-quality sites.

Increase brand trust and reputation

Customers will trust your company more if they have an easy way to verify that your products and brand are legitimate.

This is a great way to strengthen customer relationships and increase sales by retaining loyal customers. Inaccurate information also helps to reduce the possibility of cyber attacks on unsuspecting customers.

Social media already has a proven track record of improving reputation management. This is just the beginning. You can make sure that customers have accurate information about you business by using data markup.

Increase Click Through Rate (CTR).

CTR is a measure of how many people see your listing in search engine results pages (SERPs). This is particularly important for local businesses competing for consumers’ attention with more well-known national brands.

Google often provides ratings in search results. They reflect quality and can help increase click-through rates for companies.

Boost Domain Authority (DA).

Domain authority (DA) is a numerical value Google gives websites to help them with SEO. Google, on the other hand, gives higher scores to sites that have more trusted content. Sites with lower scores are delisted in SERPs.

Every online marketer or business owner should strive to increase their website’s DA. You must create valuable and unique content that is relevant to your audience in order to do this. It is possible to attract links from trusted sources and increase your domain authority.

Increase website traffic

Adding structured data markup on your website can help increase Google and other search engine traffic. Site owners can easily identify key information like their business address, contact info and opening hours as well as product descriptions.

A website’s search engine ranking will improve if it contains more relevant information. You should be aware that different types of structured data can be embedded on a website.

Recruitment is easier

To be competitive in the market, you must hire competent employees. Google shows job listings immediately in search results. This eliminates the need for candidates go to job boards and directs them to your website. Google distinguishes between work-from-home and on-premise positions. This is an important distinction for potential employees looking to enter the new world.

Events Listing

The events structured data snippet may be used by your firm to highlight future events. These structured data snippets can be very beneficial to local businesses. This schema markup allows you to be top-of-mind in search results, whether you are a speaker or holding a class.

The Final Word

Search engines continue to improve how they collect and deliver data. They offer customers better search results and more intelligent search experience. Structured data can help companies stay ahead.

Structured data is a benefit to both consumers and organizations by improving visibility and SEO. This new technique is a boon for businesses looking to increase traffic, leads and revenue through their website.



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