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10 Email Marketing Tips to Double Your Deliverability Rate

A report shows that email users received and sent around 306.4 billion emails per day in 2020. This number could rise to 70.4 billion by 2025, according to estimates. It is possible to wonder how many emails must be sent to recipients’ inboxes. This tells you how successful an email marketing campaign has been.

It is possible to spend a lot of time, effort, and attention crafting the perfect marketing email. It would be useless if you could not send it to your recipients’ email. More often than not, marketing emails end up in spam folders. You can avoid it. To avoid it, you need to use the best email marketing tools and methods.

These are some email marketing tips to help you double your email delivery rate.

10 Tips to Maximize Your Email Delivery

One of the most important tips to improve your email delivery is working on improving email marketing campaigns. It is possible to have lofty goals. You may be aiming to double your success rate, regardless of your current success rate. These are some methods to achieve this goal.

  • Authenticate Your Email

Email authentication is one way to confirm the authenticity of email messages. It can be done in many ways, including DKIM, DKIM, SPF and other verification methods.

  • Start Warming up Your Domain

Multiple users can be at risk if you send emails to them simultaneously. This can also make you vulnerable to being scanned by email service providers (ESPs). Start your campaign only by sending email to a small number of people if your IP address is not yet known. In the next phases, you can increase the volume and quality of your outgoing email.

  • Monitor Your Sender Score

One of the best ways of improving the performance of your email marketing campaign is to keep an eye on your sender scores. This can be done by checking several aspects such as spam trap hits, bounce rates, spam complaints, complaint ratio, etc.

  • Pay Attention to the Correctness Of Your Email Addresses

A mailing list could include multiple email addresses. More important than the number of addresses is their accuracy. Before adding an email address in your mailing list, send a confirmation email. You can then verify that the mailing addresses are correct. This allows you to determine if the prospect is interested or not in your products and services.

  • Your subscribers will find it easy to opt-out of your emails

Your subscribers’ interest levels may differ from one another. Some subscribers may not be interested in your marketing emails. These users will want to unsubscribe from your mailing list.

Add a link in your email to make it easy for them unsubscribe. This will allow you to filter out subscribers who do not want to receive your marketing emails. Then, only those subscribers will be interested in learning about your products or their offers will be left.

  • Avoid sending emails to it

To monitor spammers, email service providers (ESPs), set up spam traps. Your bounce rate may increase if you send marketing email to these addresses. It can also impact your email deliverability.

Email tools are one of the best ways you can avoid spam traps. These tools will help you identify spam traps quickly.

  • Do not use spammy words in the body of your email or its subject line.

Many spam emails end up in the spam folder. It is usually due to spammy words in an email’s subject or body. You can prevent this from happening in your emails by avoiding using these words.

Email service providers (ESPs) are attracted to spammy words. These words include “solution”, “discount”, “free” and “%.”. ESPs may also consider other elements to be spam. To avoid spamming, these “!”, “Re-:” and “Fwd.”

  • Do not use the Email Lists You Have Purchased

You might want to merge your existing email list with one purchased by you in order to make it look better. This move could put you at greater risk than it will benefit your email marketing campaign. Many times, email lists purchased are populated with false email addresses. They can be negative influencers of your reputation by sending them marketing emails.

Also, marketing emails sent to addresses on purchased email lists could have legal consequences. To avoid such consequences, you should not use purchased email lists for your email marketing campaign.

  • Attention to Email Hygiene

You may have multiple email addresses in your email list. You may have some users that are not active or who do not engage as often as others. You should also remove their email addresses from those who unsubscribe.

Apart from this, pay attention to how you segment your email addresses into different lists. This will allow you to send personalized emails to your subscribers. It will increase your conversion rate if you do it more often.

  • Engage with your subscribers by sending engaging marketing emails that correspond to their needs

Your subscribers will look forward to receiving marketing emails from your company. You will be able to deliver these emails more effectively to your subscribers’ inboxes.

For meaningful interactions with your target audience, make sure you only include relevant information. Only include the information that is relevant to their needs in emails.

Final Thoughts

Contrary to popular belief, you can double your deliverability if you take a few steps. This goal can be achieved by tweaking your strategy. To double your email delivery rate, you can put the above email marketing hacks to use.



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